Friday, December 25, 2009

oh la la la la la la ..........

they danced and sang.
somewhere in between, heaven and hell...
Gabrielle that was her name.
Everyone was smiling, even through their tears...
Under a spell .
but in Gabbys eyes nothing.
He asked do you not like music?
she replied its all right..
but she dances to her own saturn.
She said " Take me away from here".
Take me somewhere... where Love is like Breathing.
I dont care where we go as long as im there with you......
He could tell shes been through pain he could only dream..
Nightmares live where she lives.
Tears well in her eyes but she wouldnt let them fall.
Id give the world to know where her smile was.
He asked "would you dance with me love,"
While he tried to figure out the fastest route out of town..

History repeats.

the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the molody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody
the sun the melody.
the sun.

Random thought

Ive discovered that Love.. Real love .. can be very dangerous. Hearts are things that should never be tampered with....

Love is its own drug in a sense. it makes you very high, but also creats a very strong need. youcan become highly addicted to Love. But what happens when you dont get your daily doses?
_ Don Miguel Ruiz " The Mastery Of Love "
Because just like every drug you need your everyday doses right? Thats thee dangerous part. what happens to your body when you dont receive it. some cant take it... or wont make it. your soul undergoes withdrawls. sometimes i wonder is it worth the risk...?

mulatto LOVE

Its you

ok ...
fiening for you in a strong way, thinking about u...all day
your running laps on my brain. And i say your Love is addicting, and i cant get you out of my system, so make your way over to me. You see i want you in the morning, and i need you in the evening, even at supper time. i love you, your attitude and every little thing you do it keeps me on a natural high. and you take me to extacy.. i just want you next to me. Im certain the Lord has blessed me with you in my life. Darling its you. You make every day feel like Valentine. Darling its you you brighten up my day when the sun doesnt shine.
ok ..
now you've got me open...
and i know theres no woman that can treat u the way i can. See i need you, promise ill never leave you, sugar you are my equal, my love is here to stay. Now your a part of me... my rib like adam and eve. and ill never leave because you and me are destiny. ill never let you go..
cross my heart and i hope to die i want to be with you for all time ... all time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SUNS back.

So after a few months im back and committed. I took some time away from thee blog to live... learn.. and experience more. so im excited to be back to my jounal... or my blank canvas. And with the beginning of this canvas AGAIN its more like me.. my place to color my emotions.. scribble my disappointment, paint my happiness and somewhere in between find me. LOL. Just a WARNING before entering my mad house ;) everything thats expressed on my blog is soley for myself. The domain of yours truley... i apologize in advance for anyone who may have an opinion.... :-*

Monday, September 7, 2009


So its nearly 3am and im wide awake. One of the nights ive become use to. waking up to a lump in your throat, tears, and you think youve been dreaming but after a few seconds go by you realize its true. Soon ill have sweet dreams and long nights. until then theses words replay in my ears:: I lay alone awake at night, Sorrow fills my eyes. But I'm not strong enough to cry. Despite of my disguise,I'm left with no shoulder, But everyone wants to lean on me.I guess I'm their soldier.Well, who's gonna be mine...Who's there to save the hero. When she's left all alone, And she's crying out for help.Who's there to save the hero..Who's there to save the girl...After she saves the world...I bottle all my hurt inside,I guess I'm living a lie. Inside my mind it's dead or die. What can bring me back to life? A simple word, a gesture, Someone to say you're beautiful. Come find this buried treasure,Rainbows lead to a pot of gold. I've given too much of myself, And now it's driving me crazy. I'm crying out for help....Sometimes I wish someone would just come here and save me...Save me from myself.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Pearl.

Goodmorning! God has once again blessed us all to experience another lesson in life. How amazingly beautiful it is outside, the sun came out to kiss us all once again! Kudos to the master. Anywho what could be more classic than thee pearl. My Classic Loves Elle Jay, Thai, and myself are absolutly in owe of them. I think for us its "Pearls are a girls best friend". Of course they are beautiful in every aspect, but we did a bit of research (ELLE) and discovered that the pearl has such a classic meaning in regards to the women. It represents the classic femininity and beauty that we all have the capability to model. The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli explains it ALL. go observe.