Friday, December 25, 2009

mulatto LOVE

Its you

ok ...
fiening for you in a strong way, thinking about u...all day
your running laps on my brain. And i say your Love is addicting, and i cant get you out of my system, so make your way over to me. You see i want you in the morning, and i need you in the evening, even at supper time. i love you, your attitude and every little thing you do it keeps me on a natural high. and you take me to extacy.. i just want you next to me. Im certain the Lord has blessed me with you in my life. Darling its you. You make every day feel like Valentine. Darling its you you brighten up my day when the sun doesnt shine.
ok ..
now you've got me open...
and i know theres no woman that can treat u the way i can. See i need you, promise ill never leave you, sugar you are my equal, my love is here to stay. Now your a part of me... my rib like adam and eve. and ill never leave because you and me are destiny. ill never let you go..
cross my heart and i hope to die i want to be with you for all time ... all time.