Friday, December 25, 2009

oh la la la la la la ..........

they danced and sang.
somewhere in between, heaven and hell...
Gabrielle that was her name.
Everyone was smiling, even through their tears...
Under a spell .
but in Gabbys eyes nothing.
He asked do you not like music?
she replied its all right..
but she dances to her own saturn.
She said " Take me away from here".
Take me somewhere... where Love is like Breathing.
I dont care where we go as long as im there with you......
He could tell shes been through pain he could only dream..
Nightmares live where she lives.
Tears well in her eyes but she wouldnt let them fall.
Id give the world to know where her smile was.
He asked "would you dance with me love,"
While he tried to figure out the fastest route out of town..

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