Monday, September 7, 2009


So its nearly 3am and im wide awake. One of the nights ive become use to. waking up to a lump in your throat, tears, and you think youve been dreaming but after a few seconds go by you realize its true. Soon ill have sweet dreams and long nights. until then theses words replay in my ears:: I lay alone awake at night, Sorrow fills my eyes. But I'm not strong enough to cry. Despite of my disguise,I'm left with no shoulder, But everyone wants to lean on me.I guess I'm their soldier.Well, who's gonna be mine...Who's there to save the hero. When she's left all alone, And she's crying out for help.Who's there to save the hero..Who's there to save the girl...After she saves the world...I bottle all my hurt inside,I guess I'm living a lie. Inside my mind it's dead or die. What can bring me back to life? A simple word, a gesture, Someone to say you're beautiful. Come find this buried treasure,Rainbows lead to a pot of gold. I've given too much of myself, And now it's driving me crazy. I'm crying out for help....Sometimes I wish someone would just come here and save me...Save me from myself.

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